Beautiful women dating ugly guys why are women so picky online dating

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006, AM being a guy i love a lil meat.

i dont go for the nicole richie types i want some meat where u ask? but then again being a guy i want a woman w a nice butt and nice chest , but if i were to have a choice i would say butt Tuesday, January 24, 2006, AM Well My boyfriend likes girls who have low body fat (15% is what he seems to like best) but it doesn't matter how muscular or lean they are, though there's a point at which they can be too skinny.

And then there are guys out there who like the stick figure women... The guys who are worth it, will prefer the person you are to the wieght you are, and judge you by you personality, not your dress size.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006, PM I really don't think there's any particular body type that men prefer just as I know most women vary wildly in the type of male physique they find attractive.

I understand that we like guys and want them to like us, but I don't care what they think is atractive. I am not working out and getting in shape for any man or for the hope of a man, I am doing this for me!

It's great that we all have such accepting, loving partners but don't think for one minute that they wouldn't poof! I read a magazine called "Psychology Today" and in it, was an article on exactly what we're talking about here. Small waist (when you divide your waist into your hip measurement, a .8 or less is most attractive). This lets a man know that you are probably young because younger women have a lot more blonde hair than older women (in nature, of course). (lets a man know that you are young enough to carry their babies). I say that I like women with hips and curves, but in reality, any confident woman who takes care of herself (does her hair, wears flattering clothes, takes care of her skin) is attractive. A turn-off for me is when my wife gets fussy about her weight in front of me.

Everyone already knows this instictively and anyone who says otherwise is just blowing smoke. I would like to be thinner, and I am working on it. Wednesday, April 30, 2008, PM hey, I have guy buddies who wouldn't turn down any non-ugly women, size 4-20.

(Which is what I have heard a lot in this thread) now WHY is it constructive to say something like that in a post like this you ask ? Because whatever shape you are in (or shape that you are) your man or the men out there WILL find you more attractive if you eat healthy and bust your butt at the gym and get more lean and fit. This is an invitation and you are also showing off your good health. However, I've known a few guys who may not turn Ms.

He doesn't mind a "meaty" girl as long as she isn't "fat".

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006, AM body type One question, why do we care?

Half of the reason that most people are in the gym (let's be honest) is to have a pleasing response when people look at them - because like it or not people can tell whether you take care of yourself by how you look and taking care of yourself makes you seem (at least at first glance) like a balanced and healthy person. Alba down, but they would like the bragging rights more than the body.

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