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Well, okay, I can go to her next meeting, only because Darcy already promised, but that really isn’t what she’s about, either. “Look, she was born into a very good situation,“ says The Donald. Which she could have done.“It’s not hype that Donald has given his daughter an enormous amount of responsibility at a very tender age. But then I found myself, about a year ago, all of a sudden, as deals come in that are very important, I’m saying, ‘ Let Don and Ivanka handle it.’ I never did that before,“ he says, somewhat amazed that he’s actually doing it now. I’m One of Trump the father’s greatest joys is when one of his business associates underestimates his smokin’ daughter. He’d be disappointed if I didn’t.“ Ivanka’s pad is tasteful, a little quirky, unpretentious.

She is meeting with six women and a man named Moshe to plan the launch of the Ivanka Trump line of diamond jewelry. Yes, she’s his kid, but as anyone who’s ever dealt with Trump knows, if she weren’t up to the job, he’d cut her off at the knees. “I think they do that a lot because of her age and because of her looks. She’s into blue—Tiffany blue in the den, robin’s egg in the bedroom, a blue-glass chandelier that she picked up at a consignment shop in Greenwich—with an occasional splash of red, and a coral bathroom that matches the stationery from the Ivanka Diamond collection. I’m very meticulous in the way I do things, so I use layers of tissue paper. Which means that a lot of times, I date guys that no one else would deem to be a hunk.““Yeah, there definitely are. And nobody—to the best of my knowledge, but I’m pretty confident in that—has cheated on me.

“You know, the media is vicious, they’re brutal—present company excluded.“ She smiles. If I didn’t have that lesson, I don’t know that I’d be tough. You can never let your guard down, and I never really have since that time.““Well, Melania’s been around for a long time,“ she says of the third Mrs. But now I’m gonna have to throw you out,“ says Ivanka.

“But I would go to school and have hordes of photographers standing outside my classrooms when I’d be leaving, asking me, ‘ So is it true that Marla said that your father was the best sex she’d ever had? Trump, whose photographs—with Donald, looking like a tricked-out Princess Di—are plastered all over the building that Ivanka works in. She has to pack, has to go make deals, has to take over the universe.

When she stands, her legs just go on and on and on…As does The Ivanka.

In our first ten minutes together, she produces sketches and photos for Trump properties all over the planet, her plan for global domination in the real estate market, and an unprompted defense of all things Trump.

Well, there were multiple events.“ totally forgive her.

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I think any of the ill will I had towards the females in my father’s life…

Nobody’s a drug addict, nobody’s driving around chasing women, snorting coke. And you know, this isn’t to pat myself on the back, but I could be a lot worse.“Ivanka also wants me to know that she only does interviews if she thinks it is going to “advance the brand.“ Much discussion ensues over what she will and won’t do for publicity. She’s not “an entertainer.“ She’s doing Leno next week, but “that’s not really me.“ (It’s brand advancement.) What her: presiding over real estate deals. And obviously I can’t have you in a deal negotiation, because then people will posture and make my life more difficult than it is.

But we’ll figure it out,“ she coos, in that voice that is both sultry and ber-confident. I feel like somehow I’m genetically programmed.“ Her father, of course, has his own take on this. But I think she always had in mind that she wanted to prove she could really do something very special in life, as opposed to just sitting back and relaxing.

(This is a woman who once scheduled a photo shoot for six in the morning so she wouldn’t be late for work.) buttoned-up.

Much has been made of the rack—just Google “Ivanka Trump“ and “boobs“ to see what we mean—but the stems (she’s five eleven) are equally impressive.

We literally locked ourselves in a conference room for three days, and we negotiated a deal to build seventeen towers. “ There’s the Ivanka-led projects in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Hawaii.

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