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16-Mar-2016 18:22

‘I thought, “I’m going to think of myself for a change and go out there and do different things”,’ she said.

Despite ticking none of the usual modelling boxes when it comes to age, height or dress size, Christyne has turned this challenge into a successful career, and has recently been signed to Poole-based agency LMP Model Boutique.

If wearing low shapewear, or a girdle, with attached garters, tap pants or panties with side ties may be the only practical options apart from unfastening the garters. Statuettes found in Badari tombs show the modern panty as it is known today: triangular in shape with very little cloth around the hips.

The earliest known use of underwear that resembles modern panties dates back to 4,400 B. Most modern cultures have created their own style of underwear, but modern panties closely resemble those that adorn Badarian statuettes.

Panties in American English (typically called knickers in British English) are a form of underwear usually worn by women.

Panties are most often form-fitting, but may also be loose.

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In the UK, the term "pants" is also used for both men and women's underwear (not to be confused with the North American usage of pants, which refer to what both Americans and the British call "trousers", although this term is also used in some parts of Northern England).

While some people might be shocked by Christyne’s risqué looks, the grandmother-of-six insists her outfits are always age appropriate. Me campaign, which sees real TK Maxx customers modelling their latest lines, features Olga looking enviably good in a swimsuit.

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