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The sixth time the Evillustrator abducted Chloé Bourgeois (maybe the seventh, who was still counting? The next one, reliable witnesses all agreed on the fact that the only cause of Nathanaël's transformation had been "Chloé looked at him". She took one look at the Evillustrator."You again", she said. He knew he had done something wrong, but he barely tolerated Chloé to begin with, and now he was being mocked, taunted, railed, ridiculed, insulted, needled, and several new verbs that only applied to Chloé Bourgeois' special brand of verbal torture. ", Chloé said, grabbing Nathanaël's notebook and waving it under his eyes. At least you are assertive."Adrien raced to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her away."Chloé, I just remembered I needed your opinion on something! "Please come with…"Nathanaël stood, in silence, shoulders trembling. You could feel the malevolence from a few feet away."I'LL SHOW YOU ASSERTIVE! She sat next to him, leaned closed, and peeked into his sketchbook. And your drawings don't look that bad."The boy gave her a look of cautious curiosity."I'm not falling for that", he muttered. It was a very Disneyish level of violence, really, if it even ranked that high. Like any teenage boy forced to watch a chick flick, alone with a teenage girl, during an outing that had been referred to as a "date", the Evillustrator was overwhelmed by emotions. He could manage a date just fine when he planned it, and had the upper hand, and could do romantic things like create moons and lanterns, and draw music.

) it was about her spilling nail polish over his sketches, and blaming him for it. By that point, Nathanaël's hatred was bubbling right under the surface, ripe for the picking, and Hawk Moth was considering just sending him a "buy twelve, get two free" package by mail. Under his real identity, he went and patted young miss Bourgeois' shoulder, and told her "you'll go far". ### By the eleventh time the Evillustrator went to abduct Chloe Bourgeois, her family's butler knew the boy's favorite tea flavor and which type of coffee biscuits (Amarettis) he preferred. The boy raised his pencil."Come with me", he ordered. Unsurprisingly, abduction twelve occurred less than forty-eight hours after abduction eleven."Hi", said the Evillustrator when Chloé woke in her bed, on the top of the Eiffel Tower. "I suppose you have potential, but what are you doing with it? " he yelled, right as glimmering black magic flooded over him. " Ladybug asked, while she and Chat Noir observed Chloé and the Evillustrator from a rooftop. He kept drawing for a second or so before her cloud of perfume permeated his intense concentration. Ratigan was frankly terrifying compared to the Evillustrator."I wouldn't want to interfere in your courtship of the girl", Hawk Moth drawled from his lair, when the teenage supervillain and her akumaized companion entered the cinema on a Friday night, "but could you focus on the Miraculous, every now and then? " the Evillustrator protested aloud."Who are you talking to, now? The normalcy of the "movies night" situation was extremely stressful. He somehow forgot about being in the company of his personal nemesis. At some point, he pretended to stretch, and managed to wrap an arm around her shoulders."It sure took you long enough", she muttered, not looking up from her phone.

If she had been gifted with survival instincts, she probably would have looked at her companion before doing that. She would not have paid attention to the Evillustrator's anger. I don't want cars to ruin the photos.""I'm leaving", her "date" replied. Adrien did the very same thing, going in the exact same direction."Don't you think you're much better off this way? The Evillustrator bit the inside of his cheek, violet magic flickering around his hands."You want me. Not that he was glad they had been posted, but he felt some grim satisfaction at finally discovering the explanations behind them, instead of having to listen to the rumors. Obviously, you need to find a new one."Nathanaël closed his eyes. "She sounded (and looked) like she would have more gladly swallowed acid than uttered another word. Nathanaël pushed his chair away, collected his things, and walked away.

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Also she has a perfect sense of fashion and so much talent and she should really design clothes for young, blond, male models.”Adrien took a look at the paper.“Is that Alya’s handwriting? ” ### A minute after the bell had rang for recess, Chloé entered the schoolyard, followed by her “BFF” and her “BF? They had started out with one, just like everyone else.

I LIKE FASHION."He stared at her and glowed, as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders."YES. My family's company specializes in fashion and it's totally why I came tonight, because of the costumes, ah, ah, ah."They jumped and turned when they heard a small smacking noise. ""All gloomy and quiet and sad, you know, like the rest of the time."She put a hand on his tablet before he could start to draw."What is all the time.""Like this." the villain repeated. He also remembered all of the other "abductions" with vivid clarity.

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