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By definition, prostitution connotes a mutually agreed upon transaction of financial gain for one party in exchange for volitionally provided bodily services to another.Conscripted, abducted, drugged and tortured abused child sex slaves who earn virtually zero money as rape victims, criminally and brutally exploited by both pimps and perpetrators alike, through sexual trauma and financial profit going near exclusively to adult criminals - not the child victims, should never be misconstrued as child prostitution, even when a monetary exchange between pimp and perpetrator does occur.Unfortunately to this very day, law enforcement mistreats trafficked child victims of sexual slavery (“trafficked” meaning forced without consent) as criminals and so called child prostitutes, and even worse is still in the business of incarcerating child victims for extended periods.Thus, too frequently police only further tack on yet more abuse and both they and the media are still rampantly guilty of causing added damage and suffering by using words that cruelly mislabel victims as criminals.

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Years earlier after meeting his Vietnamese wife while serving as a Green Beret captain in Southeast Asia, as a Nebraska state senator in 1975 John was responsible for airlifting 2,800 orphaned children out of the war ravaged nation and finding homes for them in North America.

The most thoroughly documented evidence proving America’s global pedophilia network operating at the highest levels of the US government is the infamous Franklin scandal, uncovered in a June 29, 1989 mainstream newspaper article by the Washington Times, After it was listed in the TV Guide for a 10PM viewing, it was abruptly cancelled and all copies of the Yorkshire Television video were suddenly bought up with a half million dollar production company payoff.