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Some releases have been labelled as a "Playboy Celebrity Centerfold," but not all; the first Playboy video dedicated to a celebrity was Dorothy Stratten: The Untold Story, released in 1985.The following women have been featured in their own celebrity centerfold videos: Playboy launched its Sexy Lingerie series in 1988, featuring Playmates and other models in lingerie.Issue #1 is the first Playboy video to feature a Playmate of the Year (PMOY) (1982's Shannon Tweed), and the first Video Centerfold (Lonny Chin, Playboy's January 1983 Playmate).Other segments in the first issue are an interview with John and Bo Derek, an erotic fiction short, a documentary look at historic moments in Playboy, a pictorial of actress Barbara Carrera, a look at the Playboy Jazz Festival, comedy shorts from Michael Nesmith, and a pictorial of the Crazy Horse Saloon dancers.The scenes in the video are filmed in the same style as the calendar profiles and include interviews not only with the Playmate herself but also sometimes her family and the photographers who shot the pictorials.In Karen Mc Dougal's 1998 PMOY video centerfold, a segment was presented in the Pop-Up Video format made popular by VH1 at the time.Twelve issues were released in this series, from January 1983 to 1987.Early volumes appeared on CED, laserdisc, and Japanese VHD, while all volumes appeared on Betamax and VHS.

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This series focused on the Playmates themselves and did not try to imitate the content of the magazine.

Issues contained content similar to the magazine; in addition to video pictorials of the Playmates, celebrities, and other models, segments on music, interviews with celebrities, comedy sketches, and other material was included (the format being similar to Electric Blue, a UK video magazine that aired on the Playboy Channel).

Total running time of an issue is longer than other Playboy videos (80-90 minutes versus 35-60 minutes), but with a similar total amount of running time devoted to model pictorials.

For numerically significant anniversaries of the magazine, Playboy has released Anniversary Playmate editions of the Video Centerfold, titled Playboy Video Centerfold: [anniversary]th Anniversary Playmate: [model name].

For the 35th, 40th, 45th, and 50th anniversaries, the Anniversary Playmate videos have respectively featured Fawna Maclaren, Anna-Marie Goddard, Jaime Bergman, and Colleen Shannon.Numerous videos have been released by Playboy Enterprises, the publishers of Playboy magazine.