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I went to Fairfield for kindergarten and "kidnapped" a boy I thought was cute. ) family seemed to think I was trying to give away a free coke ($.10 in those days). I still can't stand the smell of fast food burgers and fries. Enjoyed the comments on the great Massapequa Pizza debate especially the recollection of the Pizza Supreme roof of the mouth burn that seemed to happen every single time you ate a slice. And now its time to address the world famous All American Hamburger Drive In but from the insiders (as in former employees)perspective.He came home with me one day and his parents had the police out looking for him. Truth is I had a mad crush on Billy Vultagio and would never have betrayed the family trust. With the scattering of south shore Long Island natives throughout the world the legend of All American has achieved global significance including of late being a feature on the "Kevin Can Wait" sitcom.I remember when there was Hills supermarket across from John J Burns park and my mother shopping there when I was a kid. I will never forget when I finally got the Gold Ring, which meant you got a free ride. Musicaros had the absolute best pizza in the world. Only when we Went there it was called Jolley Rogers.My fathers favorite spot to have a dry manhattan straight up with a twist of lemon at the bar when he came of the lirr. My parent's took us there quite often since they couldn't afford to take us on vacation. My brother's used to reach up and grab a ring for me and you got a prize or something for it. My mother would take my brother and me there for special dinners after my father died.It is messages like yours that make this website such a gem. I grew up in Massapequa Park, so most of my early childhood memories are from there, but I do have memories of Harbor Green, Pizza Supreme (the best pizza), All American, and Carvel, as my older sister had friends from there. I remember the night the farmer's market burned, I remember the excitement surrounding the opening of Pequa Bowl, and have fond memories of playing in Tackapusha park with my friends that also live in the apartments over their parent's stores.I read these posts and I am transported back to a simpler time. Back to neighborhoods and kick the can and staying out until the street lights came on. Francie's dad owned the luncheonette and the chocolate egg creams there were outstanding. She taught us the symphonette and from that I went on to play the clarinet and was in the band all the way through high school. Last time back in mass was three hrs ago maybe on a trip somewhere else. I started kindergarten at Hawthorne elementary in 1958. We all had to learn to play the symphonette, a flute-like instrument that ( I think) her husband may have invented??? My kindergarten teacher was Miss Curtain and the art teacher was Miss Walshmock. We join our hands in friendship beneath the gold and blue. Rae Hansen took over for the remainder of the year.

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I didn't appreciate them, of course, when I was growing up but, now that I am a Medicare card-carrying senior, my childhood and my early memories are so sweet.

It's been over 20 years or so, but I will never forget Massapequa. & of course the Hawthorn School song This is in response to Bob (7/21/17). What greater dream could a bored and ready to get out senior in high school have than to arrive at school on a beautiful spring day and find out classes are cancelled until further notice due to a teacher strike!!! Stopped at the massapequa diner to show my wife Long Island diner food. We had two gym teachers, Miss Tulley and Mr Ceily who got married to each other while I was a student there. Within these halls of learning, our glad young voices ring.

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