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An additional fortune cookie message is inserted into the list at runtime and then the list is sorted by the message text.Finally, the list is delivered to the client using a server-side HTML template.Continuous benchmarking provided a means for several community previews in this round, and we expect that to continue going forward.Note that this round was conducted only on physical hardware within the Server Central environment; tests on the cloud environment will return for Round 15. NET team delivers the most impressive improvement we've seen in this project—a 85,000% increase in plaintext results for ASP.Round 10 — Significant restructuring of the project's infrastructure, including re-organization of the project's directory structure and integration with Travis CI for rapid review of pull requests, and the addition of numerous frameworks.Round 9 — Thanks to the contribution of a 10-gigabit testing environment by Peak Hosting, the network barrier that frustrated top-performing frameworks in previous rounds has been removed.

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This round also was the first to use a community-review process.

In a March 2013 blog entry, we published the results of comparing the performance of several web application frameworks executing simple but representative tasks: serializing JSON objects and querying databases. We—speaking now for all contributors to the project—have been regularly updating the test implementations, expanding coverage, and capturing results in semi-regular updates that we call "rounds." View the latest results from Round 14. We expect that all frameworks' tests could be improved with community input.

For that reason, we are extremely happy to receive pull requests from fans of any framework.

We would like our tests for every framework to perform optimally, so we invite you to please join in.

Feedback has been continuous and we plan to keep updating the project in several ways, such as: Check out the motivation and questions section for answers to some common questions.

Round 12 — Marking the last round on the Peak environment, Round 12 sees some especially high Plaintext scores.

Video streams and audio are now processed by Adobe's Flash technology rather than the old and outdated Java version.… continue reading »

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