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14-Aug-2016 20:04

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And as we strategized about how to deal with this super important topic, we knew we wanted to make sure we were doing our So we set up a really high-tech and complicated anonymous question-and-answer system. It was a Dubble Bubble bucket and some index cards.

And as middle schoolers struggle to navigate these years of growth and transition, one of the most confusing, important, emotional, exciting, and stressful things they will deal with is, without a doubt, the issue of We recently embarked on a 3-week teaching series with our students about this very topic.

Amen.” “Love God First” Craft – (20 minutes) Purchase small wooden plaques for each student.

Bring craft supplies such as glitter pens, stickers, paint pens, and glue.

We're here to talk about how great, meaningful, loving, and godly sex can be - when done under the right conditions. When someone is raped they don't just experience physical pain. I asked one of my Juniors when they were planning on having sex and they said, "I'm not sure... probably when I'm 22." We got to have an awesome dialogue about God's expectations for his sex life.

I met a drunk girl on the streets of my hometown one day while out with a friend. She said, "I've had sex with a lot of people - but I've never made love with anyone." She had decided... There is no such thing as "friends with benefits."The thing is... You'd never compare it to someone who broke their arm once. People who are raped or molested experience physical pain, psychological pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. One of my youth told me a story about a girl who (Before I came to this church) asked, "Where in the Bible does it say that people can't have sex until marriage?

Then encourage students to decorate their plaques and post them somewhere in their home.

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Most of the time we reserve saying "I love you" until things get more serious.

They're definitely your brother or sister in Christ and they only become something more than that once you're married to them.

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